Perth's leading mobile sauna

Löyly hit the streets in April 2023 and has since grown to be one of Perth's most sought-after wellness experiences.

While our business continues to grow to unimaginable heights, our steadfast mission and core purpose endure: to enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of individuals through the power of contrast therapy.

Whether you're looking to relax, recover, organise a unique event, or provide a rejuvenating experience at your gym, wellness retreat, sports club, large-scale event or corporate wellness day, Löyly has you covered.

We offer private and commercial group bookings revolutionising access to sauna and cold plunge therapy wherever you are.

Join the uprising of the sauna culture. Get in touch with us to book Perth’s best sauna and ice bath experience.

We don't just bring the heat

Elevate your Löyly experience with an invigorating ice bath. By combining the sauna's warmth with a refreshing cold plunge, you can optimise your circulation, reduce inflammation, speed up muscle recovery, and enhance mental performance. Sauna and ice baths can be enjoyed separately or in an alternating manner, giving you complete control over your relaxation and recovery routine.

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News and blog

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