Working Out: The Huberman Way

Many of you have heard of, read about, or listened to Andrew Huberman's podcast, Huberman Lab. The Huberman Lab podcast discusses science and science-based tools for everyday life and health.

In today's blog, we're spilling the beans on Huberman’s fitness routine - which he calls his "foundational fitness protocol". And yes, we're sharing it because we LOVE that it includes contrast therapy.

Each day of Huberman's program focuses on one key aspect of physical fitness, which he claims is critical for health, longevity, and aesthetic balance.

While hitting your immediate and long-term health needs, the routine targets all primary fitness goals, including strength, muscle growth, and endurance.

This protocol is more of a rough guide than a strict program. Huberman recommends modifying the schedule by swapping days four and five or combining days if you miss a day as needed. 

The program's general layout is three days of resistance training, three days of cardiovascular training, and one day of heat and cold exposure.

Cold and Heat Exposure

Like the rest of his routine, Huberman's recovery routine is specific. Here it is:

  • Sauna: 20 minutes 
  • Ice bath or cold shower: five minutes (aim for a temperature that feels super cold to you but something you can safely stay in)

Rinse and repeat three to five times. Yes, three to five. You can expect the protocol to take 75 minutes to two hours and some change. Start slow and increase the time (and temperature) only as tolerated. Check out our blog for ice bath newbies.

Huberman's heat and cold exposure typically land on day three of his routine, between his leg and upper body days - that's intentional. The anti-inflammatory effects of cold exposure can limit hypertrophy, reducing the effectiveness of your resistance training workouts if you hop in an ice bath too soon. 

Have you tried this fitness protocol before? Let us know your thoughts!

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