Ice Bath Newbies - Here's What You Need To Know

New to ice baths? Taking the plunge into a tub filled with ice can be quite a shock. If you're a beginner to cold water therapy, it's essential to acclimate yourself before diving into the cold experience.

Consider beginning with a cool shower or finishing a warm shower with a burst of cold water. Alternatively, you can ease into it by using a cold outdoor pool. Repeat this process to gradually build up your tolerance.

When you feel ready to fully submerge, fill your tub with the coldest water available from your tap. If the water isn't cold enough, don't worry; you can add ice once your tolerance to cold exposure has increased.

When it's time to take the plunge, step carefully into the tub, barrel, or a natural body of water, slowly lowering yourself until you're submerged from the neck down. If you prefer, you can target a specific body region, such as sitting in water high enough to cover the legs, which can aid recovery after an intense lower-body strength routine or cycling session. Aim to sit for two to five minutes initially and gradually work your way up to as much as your mental resilience can handle. Exit the water if you start to shake or shiver; that indicates you've reached your maximum time for the day.

Entering cold water may initially take your breath away, causing your heart to race. It might shock you into a heightened state of awareness, providing an instant pick-me-up. As you sit longer, your body adapts, and your heart and breathing rates slow, leading to a relaxed feeling.

In the beginning, spend only a few minutes in the cold water and gauge how your body responds, adjusting your practice accordingly. There's a fine line between what each person can tolerate, so don't assume that just because your friend can sit for five minutes, you can too.

After exiting the water, allow your body to warm up naturally. It may take some time for your body to return to its normal temperature, but this allows the effects of cold water therapy to intensify.

You might notice increased mobility or reduced pain once you've warmed up, showcasing the circulation-boosting power of cold water therapy. There's no better feeling than stepping out of a cold water therapy tub.

Did you know that you can rent our ice baths separately? It's the perfect option for summer when things heat up, and you need a cooler alternative.

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