The Dreamy Connection Between Saunas and Sleep

Who knew that the path to the land of Nod could be paved with toasty relaxation and a touch of steamy bliss? Let's dive into the sizzling phenomenon that's got the wellness world buzzing: the incredible connection between saunas and snoozin’.

Undoubtedly, sleep quality is the cornerstone of overall wellbeing, impacting everything from mood to metabolism. Sauna usage can play a key role in enhancing this crucial aspect of our health. How? Well, the sauna's heat jumpstarts the body, mimicking the effects of light exercise. As the body cools down post-sauna, it releases sleep-inducing melatonin and growth hormones, setting the stage for deep relaxation and repair.

In a recent ground-breaking study, sauna-goers revelled in over 70 per cent more deep sleep within the first two hours and an impressive 45 per cent surge within the first six hours post-sauna session. Participants also luxuriated in prolonged stages 3 and 4 sleep, facilitating vital bodily rejuvenation, muscle repair and immune stimulation.

A global survey echoed these sentiments, with a whopping 83 per cent of respondents attributing their improved sleep quality to regular sauna indulgence. The psychological impact cannot be ignored either, as the ritual of sauna bathing seamlessly integrates into a calming nighttime routine, aiding the mind in reaching a deeper state of relaxation before bedtime.

Embrace Löyly’s warm embrace, elevate your sleep game and bid farewell to restless nights.

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